We see sport as a means of enhancing our territory, also promoting those aspects that are often undervalued, such as ancient regional traditions. We attach great importance to the fact that respect for the places traversed should be a common feeling of both those who take part in the sporting event as an athlete and as a collaborator or volunteer.


We promote loyalty, integrity, uprightness and reject the use of illicit methods to gain advantage of any kind. Growth, profit and independence have no meaning if they are not achieved with full respect for honesty and fairness.


We like to show commitment in what we do and firmness in making decisions. We are willing to question our convictions and never forget that initiative must be accompanied by foresight, without which it could become recklessness.


We want to develop the potential of both individuals and teams; we try to encourage open-mindedness, as well as to spread ideas and share information. We like to give everyone the opportunity to make their own contribution, because we are convinced that the overall result comes from the individual contribution, however small.


We promote independence of thought, judgement and action, entrepreneurial spirit and creativity. Freedom means tolerance, respect for others, different cultures and different ways of life. Freedom does not mean doing what you want but being able to choose between various possibilities.


For us it means friendship, loyalty, generosity, sharing the benefits of collective work, accepting responsibility and spontaneously contributing in times of difficulty.


Simple does not mean being naive but rather discreet, showing good sense, attention to others and a willingness to be understood. It is about being sincere in business dealings, casual but also having a sense of humour.


We like to feel comfortable being part of the group and the work/volunteer team, we want to be proud of what we do and feel a sense of achievement in the pursuit of better quality and greater efficiency, feeling that we are all part of an important project.

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